Forward Digital Marketing (formally known as Web Electronics, Inc.) started in 1995 as a full blown Internet business, when the standard for Internet access was “dial-up”. Along with the Internet’s massive growth we have expanded our capabilities and product offerings tremendously over the last 20 years. (See Our Services tab) During that time, we have developed many, many websites and portals for both clients and company projects such as the Alabama Association of School Nurses Additionally, we have developed a variety of related products and services in response to our clients’ needs, to include apps (Check out our 5 Steps of Marketing process we use to work with your company to communicate with customers). We are a vital Small Business that understands your vital Small Business! Contact Us today @ 912-530-8346 or Subscribe to our newsletter.
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Design, Development, Hosting & Professional Email

Online Ad Management, Email Marketing, Online Listings...

Set-up, Ad Design & Management

Google My Business

It is a free tool offered by Google to set up a profile of your company, organization or business. It lets you manage how people will see your business when it shows up in their search and maps. If you have to, think of it as Google’s version of a dating website. How can you make your business profile look the best it can be for the customers looking for your service or product?

Check out our blog for more information on how to create and manage your Google My Business! You can also Contact Us if you have questions about setting up your Google My Business page.

Shopify Partners

Do you have a great idea for your online website? We can help you get started or help you grow your business with quick and easy set up through Shopify! Having an ecommerce website can help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day online store! Manage your whole website in just one dashboard area. You will be able to manage orders, shipping and payments all in one place! What are you waiting for? Start selling online today!


Why Forward Digital Marketing?

We are fully commited to our clients’ security and confidentiality.

We are a responsive vendor. The products and services we offer are comprehensive and virtually unlimited when it comes to your business. Because we understand our clients’ needs are ever-changing, our solutions are ever-evolving.

Our promise to our clients is to listen and collaborate, then customize timely, evolving solutions and support that are best value for you.

From the first time you contact us, we adapt to meet your needs in ways artificial intelligence never will. Tired of tech support from robotic and outsourced systems? Our clients receive real human support from our group of highly-qualified, in-house professionals through every step of the design and marketing process. Always. We don’t have to hide behind automation because we strive for honesty and integrity in everything we do.

The Best History.

We are no Internet start-up fad. We’ve been creating and implementing marketing solutions for small businesses and communities for almost as long as there’s been an Internet. We understand what it takes to market or conduct business online, and we’ve been helping people do it since 1995.

The Best Security.

Our servers are protected by a comprehensive firewall system with complete bandwidth and system monitoring in addition to:

• 24-hour security guard protection.
• Backup battery system for an additional 8 hours of power supply plus.
• Additional backup systems for the entire building.
• Dual connections to the Internet backbone with redundant fiber lines.

Navigating the Future

Marketing for Everyone

Talk with us about the different types of marketing and their importance in the digital world!

Ask us about the different types of marketing and their importance in the digital world!

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