Forward Digital Marketing (formally known as Web Electronics, Inc.) started in 1995 as a full blown Internet business, when the standard for Internet access was “dial-up”. Along with the Internet’s massive growth we have expanded our capabilities and product offerings tremendously over the last 20 years. (See Our Services tab) During that time, we have developed many, many websites and portals for both clients and company projects such as the Alabama Association of School Nurses Additionally, we have developed a variety of related products and services in response to our clients’ needs, to include apps (Check out our 5 Steps of Marketing process we use to work with your company to communicate with customers). We are a vital Small Business that understands your vital Small Business! Contact Us today @ 912-530-8346 or Subscribe to our newsletter.
Contact Us today @ +1 912 530 8346

Always Looking Forward!


5 W’s of Forward Digital Marketing (plus one)

WHO WE ARE: One short lady plus some real talented folks who work with me in design, programming and marketing… they’re the best!

WHAT WE DO: We do several things:
Marketing for Small Businesses (look for our new SWOT analysis and forward moving plans)
Develop websites and Design websites. (that is two different things)

WHEN: (or how long) We started building websites 20 years ago… yes, we started on ‘dial-up’! That’s a frightening thought… Imagine this, back then, before I could tell someone what we did, I had to tell them what the Internet was and why they needed to listen to what I had to say next… it was fun!

WHERE: Of course, we are on the Internet, in your email and a phone call away! But our office is in Southeast GA.

WHY THE BUSINESS: When we started 20 years ago, a friend and I talked about our children’s teachers and that we wanted to be able to communicate with them without having to call them at home on their personal time… That started it. We build a tool for parent-teacher communication which many schools used for a number of years. And it went on from there…

WHY USE US: We are very ‘one on one’ with our clients, as some of our clients have been with us over 15 years. Simply put, we have withstood the ‘test of time’.