Why does my small business need a website?

Here are 8 reasons why your small business and brand need a website: 1. Google needs to know you exist! If Google knows who you are, then everyone will [...]

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Text reads "Your Social Media Pages Are Not Websites" in white above two girls standing in forest taking a selfie with a smart phone

Do I Need More Than A Facebook Business Page?

Why invest in a Facebook Business Page when you should be investing in your own business and brand! Investing in your website is more important than ever! [...]

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Discover if Your Website Bounce Rate is Good, Great!

Driving traffic to your website is a worthwhile cause! But what happens once they get to your site? Do they stick around or bounce right back off, driving your [...]

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How Many Websites Are in the World?

So how many websites are in the world today? According to the Statista chart above, the number of websites in 2021 grew to 1.88 Billion! Websites are still a [...]

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