Do I Need More Than A Facebook Business Page?

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Your Small Business Has a Facebook Business Page, but No Website?

Not having a website is a common blunder that will leave money on the table! Your small business needs a website no matter if you have other social media accounts… Read here about why your small business needs a website. Continue with this post to see why a Facebook Business Page is simply not enough!

Facebook Controls Your Story… and your money!

Facebook is an ever-evolving system of corporate and social engineers trying to take home bigger paychecks! Oftentimes, it’s you and your small business that is flipping the bill!

Some argue that Facebook and Instagram (Meta) are “pay-to-play” systems where small businesses only gain traction after they have paid for ads. While this is a bit of a myth since organic growth is possible (though grossly slow), Meta is only growing and implementing new updates that could start to become premium add-ons!

Why invest in Facebook when you should be investing in your own business and brand! That’s why investing in your website is more important than ever! Being in control of your content, optimizing your search engine results, and knowing that every penny spent on your website and website advertising directly benefits you is a major plus!

Speaking of Facebook… Guess Who Else is Already There?

Your competition! And unlike your website, there is no way to cut the competition off and redirect your potential consumers to your brand. By using social media as your only source of marketing, you are falling through the cracks. This will cause your brand to have to fight with bigger businesses for the same space. These distractions can cause you to lose out on potential customers, investors, and vendors! With a custom built website, you can tailor the content and products to fit your unique brand. Current and past customers have a place to return to, over and over, building your community on your terms!

Start Building Your Community! You’re More than a Facebook Business Page!

As mentioned, you may have a community following you on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms; However, the pages are still saturated with other brands and businesses’ content. This could pull your consumers away! By having your very own website, you can engage your community without distractions.

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A Facebook Business Page is not enough!

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