Amazing Graphic Design Trends! We Are Obsessed With These 2022 Vibes!

Forward Digital Marketing Advertising, Forward Digital Marketing, Social Media Amazing Graphic Design Trends! We Are Obsessed With These 2022 Vibes!

Um, Obsessed Might be an Understatement!

What social media and graphic design trends are taking over 2022?


Vintage frames meet wild colors! Add in some pin-up gals kissing an astronaut and you’re looking at a trendy design!


Think the 60s-70s, muted jewel tones, game inspired fonts, and groovy stickers. This trend is up 62%!

Bright Colored Letters

This goes into the next point, but we cannot say this enough: COLOR!

Color Overload

I mean, keep it coming until you just can’t anymore! Color overload is trending up 50% in the last year!


Anti-design is very asymmetric! It has a lot of movement in the graphics and fonts… it is also the highest moving trend, blasting up 325%!


We love this trend! Those late 90s and early 2000s vibes are everything right now!


What is a risograph? Think photocopier printer but with a stencil! It has a really cool texture that is absolutely HOT 🔥 right now!

Moving Fonts

Fonts with movement not only grabs the eye immediately, but adds a ton of visual interest to your content, that keeps on giving!

Forward Digital Marketing Helping YOUR BRAND Find It’s Look 👀

Start with a Brand Kit designed by our in house professionals! The brand-kit is build custom for your brand and gives you a play book to create seamless content across all of your media and digital marketing. Have a team who works on different pieces of marketing? Send them your brand-kit so that everyone is on the same page! Fonts, colors, graphics, etc. are all defined for your brand.


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