Case Study: Western Sizzlin – Jesup, GA

Forward Digital Marketing Forward Digital Marketing, Marketing Case Study: Western Sizzlin – Jesup, GA

This marketing journey started about a year ago, when we started talking about rebuilding their former website. The enter gave us really good insight on what he wanted his website to do and how he wanted it to look. We delivered.

Then we took a look at his online reputation. We looked at online directories and listings relevant to his restaurant. Initially, we looked at 21 directories online, determining his presence and where applicable ratings and notes. Together with the client, we narrowed it down to the ones that he felt were more relevant to his store. We landed on Google My Business of course, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and MapQuest. We watched and analyzed his ratings and reviews over a few week’s period of time. At that point, we were able to present a plan to improve his information and placement in these directories, which would in turn increase the quality and quantity of his reviews.

The enter had a staff member that was eager to learn and well equipped to manage the reviews as they come in. We worked with her and developed a specialized guide for her to follow when working with the customers online.

This process is ongoing, as we strive to keep a close eye on trends and qualitative analysis of their Internet marketing efforts.


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