Forward Digital Marketing (formally known as Web Electronics, Inc.) started in 1995 as a full blown Internet business, when the standard for Internet access was “dial-up”. Along with the Internet’s massive growth we have expanded our capabilities and product offerings tremendously over the last 20 years. (See Our Services tab) During that time, we have developed many, many websites and portals for both clients and company projects such as the Alabama Association of School Nurses Additionally, we have developed a variety of related products and services in response to our clients’ needs, to include apps (Check out our 5 Steps of Marketing process we use to work with your company to communicate with customers). We are a vital Small Business that understands your vital Small Business! Contact Us today @ 912-530-8346 or Subscribe to our newsletter.
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Always Looking Forward!


Come On In…..

Welcome to our new website, our new look, our new approach to helping small businesses define their market and help them increase exposure for their products and services. Whether retail, real estate, services, municipalities, organizations, whatever the small business type, we help small businesses generate more leads, gain new customers, differentiated exposure, etc. with digital marketing.

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing includes your website, email, social media presence, online listings, Internet reputation management, out of home advertising, and more. It must all be cohesive and work with any traditional marketing that you may be doing.

As you will read, we have been in business for over 20 years, building websites and offering marketing assistance in various ways. In taking a real good look at our business recently, a business professional asked me if I had thought about changing the name. Change my name? Why would I do that? What a concept… LOL…

Follow along if you will. We want to offer you some good tips and tricks to help your small business grow. When we find something really good from another source, we won’t keep it to ourselves. We will share with you here. One thing is certain, marketing is technology necessary. So it is always changing. Never hesitate to contact us. If you’d like to talk about your small business marketing, or you have any ideas and suggestions that you would like to share, maybe even success stories, we want to hear about them.

If you know me, I have been signing off my emails this same way for a couple of years. Thus, the new name… We are now: Forward Digital Marketing.

Always looking forward,